Western Aesthetics Book Notes part 2

In this article are some of my book notes, these book notes are excerpts of books that i found valuable or interesting enough to save and read later, just because i saved them it does not mean that i agree or endorse any of the book notes here saved. Hopefully they will be valuable to you as they are to me.

In total i have as of 8 of November of 2020, 658 pages of book notes from 584 read books, i will be publishing as many as i can as soon as they are properly edited.


The Revenge Of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate by Robert D. Kaplan

Stripped down to their most austere logic, the two world wars were about whether or not Germany would dominate the heartland or not, while the cold war centered on the Soviet Union domination of eastern Europe.

Geography is the most fundamental factor in the foreign policy of states because it is the most permanent.

While luxurious living strengthens the state initially, in succeeding generations it leads to decadence.  

Who rules east Europe commands the heartland, own rules the heartland commands the world island , who rules the world island commands the world.

Europe has a higher ratio of coast line to land mass than any other continent or subcontinent , Europe orders no fewer than 4 enclosed and semi-closed seas that squeeze the subcontinent.

If china succeeds in consolidating Taiwan not only will it's navy suddenly be in an advantageous strategic position visa the first islands chain but it's national energies, especially it's military ones will be just as dramatically freed up to look out in terms of power projection, with a degree that as so far been impossible.

Turkey has the possibility of cutting the water supply to Syria and Iraq because it controls the Eufrades and the Tigris rivers.

Mexico is so mountainous that if it were flattened it would be the size of Asia.


The Medici: Power, Money, and Ambition in the Italian Renaissance by Paul Strathern

In 1428 when Giovanni Medici was dying he summoned his two sons , Cossimo and Lorenzo to his bedside and he gave them the following advice: 

- Never hang  around the Pallazio della Senhoria as if it is the place where you do business, only go there when you are summoned, and only accept the offices which are bestowed upon you;

- Never make a show before the people but if it is unavoidable let it be the least necessary;  

- Keep out of the public gaze and never go against the will of the people unless they are advocating some disastrous project; 

Cossimo preferred to rule, but not be seen to rule.

Hermaphrodite is a combination of Hermes and Aphrodite.

Ano was an elephant that was given to Pope Leo the X as a gift by the king of Portugal.

There was an experiment in Italy to replace mules with camels and the idea failed but the camels remained in a herd of around 200, roaming around in San Rossore in Italy near Pisa. The last one died in 1976.


The Appearance of Power - Tanner Guzy

It is inefficient and dangerous to treat every object scenario and individual as a blank slate or an unknown.

All men use clothing and appearance to tell the world who we are.

Not only is it not immoral to not make judgement based on peoples appearance, it is biological ingrained in us to do so.

Power is the confidence and competence necessary to take on risk and turn it into reward, power is how men have fulfilled our traditional roles to protected , provide, preside and procreate , power is what protected our tribe from saber tooth tigers and men from other tribes who wanted to take our resources from us.

The side length of the forehead should be the same as the jaw.

Shoulder to waist ratio is very important looks wise , 1.618 is the best ratio.

Should we care about what other people think of us? Yes, but only the right people.

You need the luxury to practice and fail in order to improve, most people don't do that because the risk is too great.


Dan carlin - Supernova in the east part 1

The German army had great moral and loyalty in WW2 but lots of Germans and officers still surrendered during WW2 and during the final year in Europe more than 1 million Germans surrendered, but regarding the Japanese, no organized unit in the imperial Japanese army surrendered during the entire pacific war until they were ordered to do so by the emperor.


Triumph of the City by  Glaeser, Edward L.

The innovation that happens to a city grows exponentially, a city 10 times larger than another city is not 10 times more innovative, it is 17 times more innovative.


My Life and Work by Henry Ford

You should never ask for a loan when a business is losing money but you should ask for a loan to expand a booming business.

In WW2 the losing side lost less men than the winning side.

I have thought often about the role of the tool-making instinct in the history and prehistory of our race. And I have associated this instinct with a more general characteristic of our people which I — and others also — have called the Faustian spirit. That’s the spirit which drives us not only to build things and to invent things but to explore and to try to understand ourselves and the world around us. It is a spirit which makes us seek power not just for the sake of mere power, but also for the sake of progress, for the sake of building new things. It leads us to conquer not merely for the sake of conquest, but also to improve and develop that which we conquer. It leads us to value truth over and above any practical value that truth may have; to value knowledge above any monetary gain that knowledge may yield.


Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City by  Greg Grandin

Farmers would benefit from producing raw materials for industry because that way their future would be less unreliable and have both the benefits of industry and farming.

The Ford company contracted men to find good rubber tree seeds but instead they spend the money on alcohol , perfume and prostitutes and they baptized cattle with the perfume when they were drunk.


The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard, Caroline Alexander

In the future men will gladly sacrifice liberty for human perfection.


Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters: From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima by James Mahaffey

The Germans only accomplishment in nuclear technology was the worlds first nuclear reactor accident.

In it’s metallic form uranium will catch fire when exposed to air and burn like gasoline , for this reason most nuclear reactors use uranium oxide fuel.

In some hydrogen bombs the yield can be adjusted with a dial that controls the amount of deuterium tritium mixture that is injected into the void at the center of the imploding sphere , more gas means more fusion.


Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future by Martin Ford

As things stand in 2014 human teams with access to multiple chess algorithms are able to outmatch any single chess playing computer.


Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian , Tom Griffiths

Never hire someone who is bellow average unless you are totally out of options.

Never hire someone who is not the best you have seen so far.

Mathematicians are trained to distrust intuitions.

Seek out places where honesty is the optimal strategy , if you do, you will most likely deal with honest people.


The Three Great Virtues - Three Essays by Emerson

Good and bad are but names , what is right is what is after my constitution , the only wrong is what is against it.

To be great is to be misunderstood. 

Friends such as we desire are dreams and fables. 



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