The most important thing you can do

"The most important thing you can do" by unknown author

The most important factor you'll be able to do is keep your own life in order. Start with yourself. You must be competent, reliable, hardworking, and, above all, happy.

Do people in your life trust and respect you?

What does your family think of you?

Are you capable of raising children?

If you can’t accomplish such things for yourself, then the chances are terribly high that you just aren't able to be create a true distinction in the world, either online or in real life. Because how will you make a change for the lives of the many, if you can’t even make something of your own, individual life?

Always remember: 

- We live in first world countries and have chances that almost all individuals born on this planet don't. Things aren’t as good for us as they were for our parents. But billions of people within the third world would still kill to possess the opportunities that you have right now. So take care of yourself! Work your ass off, every day, to build a decent life for you, and for your family. Clear your mind of self destructive thoughts, and keep yourself focused on realistic goals, both for your own life and for the people around you. So work like your life depends on it. Work like a demon from hell, but additionally take breaks if needed and do fun and wholesome things with real individuals in real life. That is vital. Nothing on the internet ought to ever exclude you from the real world.

- Your dead father’s fathers have gone through everything you face, and more. After death, you will meet them once more. Make yourself certain you become a man in life who is worthy of that meeting in death.

For the women: You have been bestowed the gift of having the ability to breed and nurture the offspring that will build the future, do not let it go to waste. Our future depends on you.


Learn, understand your own philosophical base and be ready to articulate it:

- Read the great philosophers and great written works, but don’t be immediately taken by them until you have read a large enough spectrum to know wherever you actually stand.


Know history:

- Read not only numerous histories, but read works up to date with the time you are learning and perceive the context those individuals were operational in.


Improve, maintain your physical fitness:

- Exercise, training both strength and endurance, get good at stretching, learn some basic self defense.


Learn useful skills:

- Mechanics, working with basic electronics, understand computer hardware and basics of programming and the way networks work.


Develop a career:

- Build a skill base and background that alter you to be frequently and gainfully employed.


Learn basic survival skills:

- Emergency skills like cleaning/treating water to make it drinkable, go camping/backpacking, learn to hunt if given the opportunity, learn about numerous medicinal and nutrient rich plants, particularly those in your space.


Learn about and how to use firearms:

- You don’t need to be Rambo, but understand how to handle, maintain and use guns. Also gain a clear understanding of laws associated with firearms in your area.

Target practice ,1986


- Understand what your beliefs are, learn what the foundations and ideas of your religion are. If you’re non-religious, at least understand clearly what your ethical code is based on and what your ideas on existence are. Know what you believe and why.



- You don’t need to go off the deep end, but have prepared on hand enough water, food, medical supplies and alternative resources to at least get you thru a brief amount of chaos or lack of services.


Family and friends:

- Regardless what your family’s viewpoints are or how often you see your friends, try to keep good relationships with them and be a source of support in adversity. Don’t be a crazed individualist if you can help it.


Plan ahead:

- Have a plan for where you're trying to go in life and have a plan for what you'll do in an emergency. Doesn’t hurt to have a concept for what to do if you're forced to depart your home with minimal notice.


Healthy romantic relationships:

- Get out of unhealthy relationships, don’t be involved with girls who have drug issues, emotional intimacy problems, are untrustworthy, don’t support you being the best person you can be.


Situational Awareness:

- Know what’s going on, not just across the nation, but worldwide and in your own community. You don’t need to be a news buff, but you would like to bear in mind and also able to see between the lines of mainstream news reporting.



- Work towards not being in debt. Don’t become obsessed with money, but additionally don’t ignore the issues it’s lack can cause you. Learn the Basic of the financial world and money management. Pay your bills, try to have a reserve of funds available if needed for short term emergency. If you can, avoid gambling on stocks and instead build and actual business you control.


Know yourself:

- Overall, just understand who you are, what you believe and don’t let popular culture influence your understanding of yourself. Know what you believe, what you stand for, how you wish to live, etc. Do not let political-correctness be a factor in this nor any other outside force, make your own determinations and understand why you created them.



- Don’t use recreational drugs. I don’t care if you feel weed should be legalized, it weakens the will and kills initiative. Don’t become dependent on alcohol or tobacco if you can, they can be just as chaining to your self development as many other addictions.

Commit to self-improvement:

- Make consistent long term commitments towards self improvement, like spending at least one 20 minutes a day reading a difficult work, spending at least 20 minutes a day working out, learning at least one useful ability every week or month, set goals for yourself and work to achieve them.



- Study classical art and architecture, music if that’s your thing. Understand why so much of recent popular culture is trash, like how to tell the distinction between nutritious food and crap snack food.



- Get yourself off of drinking Soda/Pop/Coke. That alone will reduce the quantity of empty calories and sugar you're taking in. Stop frying your taste pallet with excessively processed foods that contain too much fat, sugar, salt and learn to enjoy or at least tolerate simple healthy foods like vegetables, basic grains.


Practice Articulation:

- Learn how to express, explain your thoughts and ideas more clearly, write and talk, take feedback and improve. Just become better at saying what you are attempting to mention, this will inevitably require learning not solely what you want to mention but also why.


Learn the true value of things:

- Don’t just assume the most expensive is the best, look at quality and weight with price. Not everything needs to be top of the line, but learn how to properly measure the true worth of things. Don’t be taken in by name brands or cheap prices, but look at what you're truly shopping for and what you would like to get out of it.


Avoid materialism:

- Accept that each material object you'll be able to own can be taken away or destroyed in a moment. Don’t let anything you own become part of your identity. Invest in those things that actually matter to yourself and people you care about. Only invest in objects as a means towards an end, a home for your family, a tool for it’s use, etc.


To conclude:

The most important thing you can do is to improve yourself, but none of the advice previously mentioned matters if you don’t follow the last step toward improving yourself, that last step is to actually put in practice what you have learned here. Start with yourself and maybe the world will follow along.


To Quote a poem from an Unknown author:

“When i was a young man, i wanted to change the world.

I found it difficult to change the world, so i tried to change my nation.

When i found i couldn’t change the nation, i began to focus on my town. I couldn’t change the town and as an older man, i tried to change my family.

Now, as an old man, i realize the only thing i can change is myself, and suddenly i realize that if long ago i had changed myself, i could have made an impact on my family. My family and i could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and i could indeed have changed the world. ”



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